“…the churches of Christ salute you.” Romans 16:16

Who we Are

The Northside Church of Christ is a simple body of believers striving to do God’s will. We seek to follow Scriptural authority in all we do. We want to share the gospel with as many as we can and hopefully help make heaven bigger! Christ is our Head and the local congregation is under the direction and oversight of elders.

Our elders are Kevin Fortner, George Glover, Andrew Herndon, Chris Green, and Rickie Taylor.

We have 14 deacons that serve under the oversight of these elders. These men are James Burgess, Todd Carter, John Dunn, Jason Fitzgerald, George Flatt, Kenny Glover, Chris Holmes, Hugh Kirby, Bill McCallon, Clay McClain, Van Padgett, and Larry Rhea.

Northside church is also served by two ministers. They are Tyler Wunderlich and Chris Kemp.

Northside church welcomes the opportunity to share the love of God with you!


What we Believe

What is the Church of Christ?

We are a group of Christians with no earthly headquarters. We follow the New Testament as our only standard. We are an independent body governed by a group of local elders. We believe in speaking where the Bible speaks and being silent where the Bible is silent. We do Bible things in Bible ways. We believe the Bible is the only inspired word of God.

How Do We Worship?

We assemble every first day of the week as instructed in the New Testament. We partake of the Lords Supper every first day of the week as instructed in the New Testament. We sing spiritual songs of praise to the Lord. We DO NOT use instrumental music as it is not authorized in the New Testament. We give back to the Lord every first day of the week as God has prospered us. We pray to God in worship and in need asking God’s blessing on our lives and the growth and strength of his Church.

How Do I Join The Church Of Christ?

You don’t “join” a church of Christ. You are added to the body of Christ once you are baptized for the forgiveness of your sins. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on what you have read here or how you can be saved.